Vibashan VS

I am a third year PhD student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, where I am working in Vision and Image Understanding Lab, advised by Dr. Vishal M Patel. Last summer, I interned at Salesforce Research. where I worked on the vision-language models for instance segmentation. Prior to joining Johns Hopkins, I interned at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India (MBRDI). During my undergrad days, I worked at the Medical Mechatronics Lab in National University of Singapore, advised by Dr. Ren Hongliang. I graduated from National Institute of Technology Trichy, India in 2020.

My research is on computer vision and machine learning with a specific focus on vision-language models, object detection, image segmentation and domain adaptation. You can find more information about my work on our lab website..

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May 2024
Research intern at NVIDIA for summer 2024!
Feb 2024
One paper accepted in MIDL 2024!
Feb 2024
One paper accepted in CVPR 2024!
Dec 2023
One paper accepted in AAAI 2024!
Aug 2023
Honorable Mention for MICCAI 2023 Reviewer!
Jun 2023
Research intern at Qualcomm for summer 2023!
Mar 2023
Two papers accepted in CVPR 2023!
Feb 2023
One paper accepted in MIDL 2023!
Oct 2021
One paper accepted in ICASSP 2023!
Oct 2022
One paper accepted in WACV 2023!
Jan 2022
Research intern at Salesforce for summer 2022!
Oct 2021
Two papers accepted in ICIP 2022!
Oct 2021
One paper accepted in WACV 2022!
Jul 2021
One paper accepted in CVPR 2021!
May 2021
Joined Johns Hopkins University for my Ph.D!
Jul 2020
One paper accepted in Medical Image Analysis (MedIA) 2020!
Jun 2020
Joined Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India as research intern!
Jan 2020
One paper accepted in ICRA 2020!
May 2019
Joined National University of Singapore as research intern!

Selected Publications

PosSAM: Panoptic Open-vocabulary Segment Anything
Vibashan VS, Shubhankar Borse, Hyojin Park, Debasmit Das, Vishal Patel, Munawar Hayat, Fatih Porikli
Arxiv 2024
Mask-Free OVIS: Open-Vocabulary Instance Segmentation Without Manual Mask Annotations
Vibashan VS, Ning Yu, Chen Xing, Can Qin, Mingfei Gao, Juan Carlos Niebles, Vishal M. Patel, Ran Xu
CVPR 2023
Instance Relation Graph Guided Source-Free Domain Adaptive Object Detection
Vibashan VS, Poojan Oza, Vishal Patel
CVPR 2023
Towards Online Domain Adaptive Object Detection
Vibashan VS, Poojan Oza, Vishal Patel
WACV 2023
Target and Task specific Source-Free Domain Adaptive Image Segmentation
Vibashan VS*, Jeya Maria Jose*, Vishal Patel
Preprint 2022
On-the-Fly Test-time Adaptation for Medical Image Segmentation
Jeya Maria Jose, Pengfei Guo, Vibashan VS, Vishal Patel
MIDL 2023
Meta-UDA: Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Thermal Object Detection using Meta-Learning
Vibashan VS, Domenick Poster, Suya You, Shuowen Hu, Vishal Patel
WACV 2022
MeGA-CDA: Memory Guided Attention for Category-Aware Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Object Detection
Vibashan VS, Vikram Gupta, Poojan Oza, Vishwanath A. Sindagi, Vishal Patel
CVPR 2021
Image Fusion Transformer
Vibashan VS, Jeya Maria Jose, Poojan Oza, Vishal Patel
ICIP 2021
ST-MTL: Spatio-Temporal multitask learning model to predict scanpath while tracking instruments in robotic surgery
Mobarakol Islam, Vibashan VS, Chwee MingLim, Hongliang Ren
MedIA 2021
AP-MTL: Attention Pruned Multi-task Learning Model for Real-time Instrument Detection and Segmentation in Robot-assisted Surgery
Mobarakol Islam, Vibashan VS, Hongliang Ren
ICRA 2020
Brain Tumor Segmentation and Survival Prediction Using 3D Attention UNet
Mobarakol Islam, Vibashan VS, Jeya Maria Jose, Navodini Wijethilake, Uppal Utkarsh, Hongliang Ren


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